New Technologies Used:
The continued growth of new technologies in the Automotive Industry has enabled us to introduce the unique concept of high information content encoded in a condensed space through the use of QR Code symbols. Not readable by the human eye, a great deal of information about your pet can be laser engraved by special computer imaging software on an ID tag or Dog Tag for MAX or Cat Tag for TIGER  If your pet were found by a stranger, what would you like them to know about them?  With the VIP PET IDs Pet ID tag, the tag can be readily read with a smart phone with QR Code Scanner or Reader APP.  Isn't technology great!  Your dog or cat will be on their way to their home in no time. In the meantime, their medical needs can be known and properly handled before your lost pet is returned safely.
You can use VIP Pet IDs' tags for all pets, not just cats and dogs. Horses, cows, pot belly pigs....ID tags for your dog, cat, other pets help provide immediate pet identification without having to visit a vet to check for an imbedded ID chip. The VIP Pet identification helps prevent lost pets. Give it a try! Dog tags, cat tags, personalized ID tags, collar ID tags - all-in-one compact high tech laser engraved tag.

Our Manufacturing Process:  The way we make these advanced VIP Pet ID tags. The manufacturing process uses a combination of computers, QR Code application software and a very costly state-of-the-art CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting machine for high precision image reproduction etched onto each anodized aluminum pet tag. Each unique pet tag is manufactured in our Southern California location and proudly includes “Made in USA” on each tag. The etched information is permanently engraved.
Pet Population Statistics:
Here are some interesting, little known facts about the US population estimates for dogs and cats. Based on research published in the 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, the pet population ownership statistics show that 36.5% households own Dogs and 30.4% own Cats. 
The Average Number Owned per Household are: 1.6 Dogs and 2.1 Cats.
The Total Number of Households Owning either a Dog or Cat:  Dogs – 43,346,000    Cats – 36,117,000
Estimated Total Dogs in U.S. -   69,353,600
Estimated Total Cats in U.S.  -   75,845,700
That's over 145 million pets in 2012!
With population growth , the potential for helping U.S pet owners is tremendous!

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A 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization, To check out there website click here. is proud to be a “hub”, live, 24/7 “Call in Center” for emergency dog and cat situations nationwide, creating immediate solutions from our immense online database of people and organizations that can help. We also love to “team up” and help coordinate with overcrowded shelters to ‘pull’ dogs and cats scheduled for euthanasia and move them to Rescues, Shelters and Sanctuaries elsewhere that can care and find permanent new homes for them. As a group of unpaid, talented men and women volunteers, our non-profit relies on your donations to create the successes we are part of every day. Every $50 donated saves another dog or cat! We are launching a fund raiser to purchase and equip our first transport vans for Southern California. Every $50 allows us to ‘pull’ another dog or cat from an overcrowded Shelter. Bev Gun-Munro, CEO/Founder